Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Been at Whispering Pines since Thanksgiving

As we were headed south, we decided we would like to be with friends for Thanksgiving. We went through the Outer Banks a little faster than we had originally planned. But we did get to Whispering Pines a few days before Thanksgiving and were able to be thankful for friends AND a wonderful meal.
Since then I have fallen into the routine of bean-bag baseball, bocce ball, shuffle board, bingo twice a week and cards or dominoes the other nights. There have been a few times that I did not go to bocce ball since they were doing that at 10 am. I'm not a morning person and did NOT bring any gloves.
We were experiencing a cold spell in Florida, which usually does not last very long...ha-ha, little did we know.
During this time a friend, Helena was in the area staying with some other of her friends. After various discussions it was decided that Helena would come stay with Grizz while Bob and I went on a little sightseeing trip further south. Giving Helena a taste of trailer life and us a chance to experience more of Florida.
We rented a car Monday morning and started our trip to find the sunny, warm Florida. We went to a section of Daytona Beach where cars are allowed to drive along the coast on the beach. There were a few people out in their winter coats and gloves enjoying a walk along the beach. We chose to observe and not participate. brrrrr
Then drove on to Titusville on A1A but were unable to see the ocean because of all the tropical plants and weeds growing along there.