Sunday, March 21, 2010

Texas Weekends

We have been in Texas for about two weeks and have enjoyed ourselves. The first Sat. we returned to the "Pickled Pelican"--- a small bar with good food and unique entertainment----- It is the home of the South Texas Belt Sander Racing Association. What fun!!  They have a 75ft track with starting lights, just like in drag racing with 2 lanes and the racers have a switch to start their belt sander. The lights are controlled by a computer that also gives elapsed time and speed. The track record is 2.6618 seconds for the 75 ft and the speed is about 18 miles per hour ( I don't remember exactly.) A big crowd was on hand, along  with much beer and drinks. A lot of cheering and jeering goes on.  Excitement runs high as the run-offs continue. It is so much fun to talk to people from all over the country, experiencing their first belt sander race.  We found out that for two years there has been a national race held in Las Vegas, NV. It really doesn't take much to entertain us. The next weekend we just stayed at the park and met someone that draws as much interest as the Little Green Truck. A couple, Ron & Jan from Wash.State pulled in with their motorhome, pulling a 1932 Auburn 4-door  sedan on the trailer behind them.  Of course we had to meet them.  They have driven the "Godfather" in 47 of the lower 48 states. It has an updated drive train and suspension, so it rides and drives like a new car but looks like a very nice, very old one. Ron said he could have bought a $30,000 Honda to drive around, but he thought that this would be more fun.  They picked us up for dinner and went to the China A Buffet.   He was right, it is MUCH more fun than a Honda or Chevy.  Ron was talking about putting the car on a container ship to Hawaii.  Sounds like fun!!!   But I don't think we can afford to do that with The" ltlgrntruck".  Another fun weekend with fun people.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, we escaped Betty's web on the 2nd of March and headed to Rockport, TX on the Louisiana Outback Creole Nature Trail.... part of Americas Byways..... some national scenic roads. It is a neat road that follows the Gulf coast through Louisiana and Texas.  Most of the trip was right on the coastline and through much of the area hit by Hurricanes Ike and Rita.... amazing the destruction.. whole towns gone with just slabs of cement left where houses and other buildings were before. One town that we stayed at was Long Beach... before the hurricanes there were over 6500 homes and after there were only about 3500 left.... houses, stores and campgrounds, everything, just gone. We talked to people and they are just starting  to rebuild again...amazing that after a disaster like this and in-spite of everything nature and our "wonderful gov't" throw at people that so much can be accomplished. We stopped in Port Lavaca, TX for the night even though Rockport was only about 65 miles down the road because our reservation wasn't till the 5th. The city campground was right on the bay and was a neat spot to spend an early night.  Two spots down from us a couple were from MI and so after we showed them the truck we began talking, along with the couple next to us ( he played guitar and in the morning they all came over and sang Happy Birthday to me)  (what a surprise) and found out that when they go back to MI they stay in Paris , which is only about 8 mi from Hawkins, where we stay when we go back. The next morning we arrived in Rockport and found some people that were from MI, sooo.....  we talked to them and found that he and Jan graduated from high school together.... such a small world we live in.

Monday, March 1, 2010

South Louisiana Weekends

Mardi Gras is over... what a fun and interesting time we had.  The last two weekends of our stay were just as interesting.  The day before Fat Tuesday we stopped at the Abbeville tourist center.. but it was closed for the holiday , but a nice lady (Lynn)working next door at the Chamber of Commerce stuck her head out the door and invited us in, so we visited with her about an hour. More travelers stopped so we all had a fun,learning time with her. She told us about Richard's Sale Barn... Richard's  a very old stockyard/sale barn that the owners were trying to  restore and they were putting on different  shows there once a month. This month they were having a comedian  (LA State representative, Richard Perry) and his brother  Pick'in and Grin'in, so we thought it sounded interesting. We went to that Sat. and drove right by because the barn was hidden by trees and brush. When we drove in the drive we thought ... this can't be the place.. it looked like a falling down old barn, but just then the owner came out dressed in his cowboy clothes and invited us in. Soon there were more people (100 or so) that joined us inside the old barn that  is decorated with many old saddles (at least 50 or more) and other old farm tools. The barn is on the  LA historical register and is a really interesting place.   Sat on the risers that were used for the livestock sales on old  cushions from old furniture and feed sacks and  whatever people brought in. We must have been the only non-locals there and when the comedian started and got into a local cajun joke he would say he would explain later to the people from Michigan.  A FUN NIGHT. The last Sat. we were going to another music filled day but, Jan wasn't feeling well,  So Grizzly and I went by ourselves to Eunice to the Savoy Music Center  to a jam session at Marc Savoy's accordion factory. savoy music Marc builds accordions and has a family band that plays and records. They all... like many musicians in the area play many instruments.... accordion, fiddle, piano, guitar and more. About a dozen people showed up to play. It was a great  morning with  great music and really great people. Grizz and I then walked around Eunice and found a couple of neat museums... one was a nutcracker museum... A lady had collected over 300 nutcracker statues from all over the world. She had donated her collection  and someone else donated an old jewelry store, so they made  it a museum..  Neat to see.  We were planning on leaving for Texas on Monday(today) but they predicted rain and they were right and so we are staying at Betty's another night.