Saturday, May 9, 2009

WE have NOT died!

We are experiencing technical difficulty here in the boonies! We have landed near Reed City, MI. We, sometimes, get service on our cell phone and on a really GOOD day we even can get online on the computer with the air card. Yeah!! We have checked with ALLTEL to see why our service is so bad this year, since it was do-able last year. Their reasoning was that we are in a "weak service area". Apparently an area can change over the winter, duh! Not sure how that works. Must be connected to "global warming"??
We did try to get a "land line" but AT&T cannot find our street. We are checking with neighbors to see who their phone carrier is. We would be on the road except for jury duty that I managed to get postponed but not canceled. Are they desperate for jurors, or what. While I'm playing with the juryduty issue, Bob is doing some maintenance on the truck and trailer.
So bear with us, we will be back online to bore you with more of our travels SOON!

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  1. We (Bruce & Linda) enjoyed meeting the two of you at the Tin Can Tourists open house on Sat. May 16 at Camp Dearborn in MIlford, Michigan and getting to see the Little Green Truck in person. Bruce follows your blog and said he would e-mail you about the aggregator he uses, but we can't find an e-mail address, so here's the info. Point your browser to and create a free account. Once you have that, you can visit various blogs and "add" the ones you want to follow to your Bloglines account. There are various ways to do this, but copying and pasting the URL is straigtforward. From then on, you only have to log in to your Bloglines account to view/visit all of these blogs. Bloglines automatically captures new entries as they are posted There are other aggregators available; Bloglines is the one we know how to use.