Sunday, September 20, 2009

on the road again

The ltlgrntruck is finally on the road again. We spent the summer in Hawkins just laying around and doing not much, Jan completed her Kewpie rag quilt and I did some maintinence on the truck. Labor Day..Sept 7 we went to a car show.... Cars for Cancer with the truck and had a great time. We saw some really neat cars and showed about 500 hundred people the truck and trailer.We got about 300 to sign our book but missed a lot as it was really busy. The show was for a good cause and there was over 500 cars there. We left Hawkins on the 17th and stayed in Fife Lake overnight at Jan's son's and left fer St. Ignace in the morning. We arrived at the Mac. Bridge just in time to wait for two hours to cros behind the 900 farm tractors that paraded acros the Big Mac bridge. This was the second year that the antique tractors have crossed the bridge. Last year there was about 500 so they almost doubled the number. Friday & Sat. Was the North American Show Truck(NAST) big show in St.Igance, What a show. All the trucks must be working trucks and the ask for last years mileage and the currant mileage. These people put a lot of time and work and money in these trucks. Sat. night about 8 P.M. they turn all there lights on and parade across the Big Mac. What an amazing sight...all the big rigs in a line all lit up. We are having beautiful weather and the fall colors are just starting. We are camped at Bay Mills Casino at Brimely in the U.P. and will head for Marquette tomorrow. We plan on visiting my son Rob this week in Wisconsin and are still undecided on the next destination. I suppose the weather will help us make up our minds. Hopefully we will have better internet access from now on so we can update the blog more regularly now.

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