Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, we escaped Betty's web on the 2nd of March and headed to Rockport, TX on the Louisiana Outback Creole Nature Trail.... part of Americas Byways..... some national scenic roads. It is a neat road that follows the Gulf coast through Louisiana and Texas.  Most of the trip was right on the coastline and through much of the area hit by Hurricanes Ike and Rita.... amazing the destruction.. whole towns gone with just slabs of cement left where houses and other buildings were before. One town that we stayed at was Long Beach... before the hurricanes there were over 6500 homes and after there were only about 3500 left.... houses, stores and campgrounds, everything, just gone. We talked to people and they are just starting  to rebuild again...amazing that after a disaster like this and in-spite of everything nature and our "wonderful gov't" throw at people that so much can be accomplished. We stopped in Port Lavaca, TX for the night even though Rockport was only about 65 miles down the road because our reservation wasn't till the 5th. The city campground was right on the bay and was a neat spot to spend an early night.  Two spots down from us a couple were from MI and so after we showed them the truck we began talking, along with the couple next to us ( he played guitar and in the morning they all came over and sang Happy Birthday to me)  (what a surprise) and found out that when they go back to MI they stay in Paris , which is only about 8 mi from Hawkins, where we stay when we go back. The next morning we arrived in Rockport and found some people that were from MI, sooo.....  we talked to them and found that he and Jan graduated from high school together.... such a small world we live in.

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  1. This past weekend's weather in Port Lavaca was about as good as it gets anywhere on the Texas coast this time of year. If you come thru again you might want to visit Magnolia Beach south of Port Lavaca on the bay. Campers and motorhomes were lined up on the beachfront this weekend and parking is free. (No plugins though).
    Have a safe trip!