Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Algodones, Mexico

We spent the last week of April going back and forth across the border for various treatments.  Our first day across we had breakfast at the open air restaurant set in behind various shops.  Then we picked up 2 bottles of "creamed tequila".  We had a taste of it last year, yummmm..good stuff!
The next day, Monday we headed across before 8am to see Dr. Brock and Danny and hopefully start some chelation treatments.  They are incredible.  Even tho' their chelation rooms were always full with "winter visitors" coming and going, they remembered our names on sight and who had recommended them to us!!! They said Al and Roxie had been there earlier in the year and are doing great!  Always good to hear about friends!!
So now it is time to hook up to chelation.  Bob spends the time getting an appointment with; a dermatologist for him( at my request), and a dentist for cleaning for both of us.  After my first treatment we head back across the border with 2 more (1 each) bottles of "creamed tequila".  OOPS!!!  Only allowed 1 liter per person every 30 days.  We were given the option of returning our purchases or dumping them out.  Hmmmm... back we go to return them........  darn!!!!
It was so HOT Tuesday that we did not go across.  Wednesday we had decided to be there by 7am, get our treatments and get back home before it got HOT again.  Much better!
I went with Bob to the dermatologist to have his head examined.  The Dr. wanted to know why we were there.  He checked Bob's head and said all was fine, nothing cancerous. Thank you, Lord! All this for $30 and no referral from a regular MD.  Why can't the rest of the world be this simple??
Next was my glasses, check-up, 2 pair of glasses (using my old frames)and no-tinting this time, $149  I had my teeth cleaned, then went across the street for my haircut, while Bob had his cleaning. Then back home for the day. As you can tell, the prices for services are so good that there are a lot of US and Canadian citizens taking advantage of the Mexican  services. Most of the doctors,dentists and technicians were trained in the US and the medicines are the same ones sold in the US--- Just a lot cheaper. No pictures as Jan's little camera is broke and to lazy to take the bigger one over.


  1. hi i am a friend of larry and danny for many years---we all used to live in elcentro together- IVE BEEN LOOKING 4 THEM ONLINE-and came across thier names on your page-is there any chance u could connect me with them my email is art4054@charter.net

    Thanks Art ramirez

  2. Loved reading all about your visit and proceedings. Wish you guys all the best and hope that you continue having fun and spread joy forever.