Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yuma AZ to Pahrump NV

We have been a little lazy about keeping the blog updated, but will try a little harder. We left Yuma and headed  north on a very nice sunny day, stopping in Quartzite for lunch. The next stop was Lake Havesu and the London Bridge and then on to Kingman and the Blake Rv Park and Horse Motel.
talked to the owner when he came over to see the truck.  He explained the horse motel part....they have 12 stalls that people traveling with horses rent to rest  the horses while traveling. Horses do not travel well in trailers and need a solid place to rest so he rents the stalls out and has a corral to walk them. The horses owners do the feeding and care.....another unique idea. Stayed for two nights. We were trying to decide if  we wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. While we were thinking about it, some people stopped in and said it was snowing in Williams and at the Canyon ( the first of May !!!!)  This made up our minds..... next trip. Even though the weather was cool.. in the 60's, we left for Nevada and took the highway to Las Vegas across the Hoover Dam. Signs on the highways said no commercial or rental trucks crossing the dam, but we're an rv so we went that way. We stopped in Cloride NV for lunch.. another out in nowhere town that we saw signs for and went to check out. A unique, almost ghost town in the desert. Lunch was at Yesterdays Restaurant.... good food. While we waited for it to open a truck stopped in the middle of the road and a guy got out to check out the ltlgrntruck and spent a 1/2 hr talking. One other car passed and two other guys walked by. A  real busy morning. From there it was on to the Hoover Dam, then Las Vegas and on to Pahrump which is about 65 miles NW of Vegas on the edge of Death Valley.
Jan managed to find some entertainment there.  There were at least 3 casinos in town.  The rv park was playing Texas hold-em the night we pulled in.  Once we got settled Jan went to find out about the stakes. So Mondays and Wednesdays were texas hold-em games and Tuesdays and Thursdays were cribbage games. The rest of the nights were spent checking out the casinos. At $5 for the buy in, the card games were good entertainment.


  1. Been waiting for you. Very nice pictures. Trying to square this: you are in Pahrump, NV, Jan is in Eureka, CA. Nah, that can't be right.

    Rub Grizzly's chest for us.

  2. No, WE are in Brookings, OR. The blog is back in CA. We are a little behind with the blog. We will be staying in one spot, no truck shows, so we should be able to get caught up. Grizz says thanks for the chest rub, we have been lax on that too!