Saturday, February 13, 2010

CRAWDADS Loisiana Style

Sixteen people from Betty's RV park met at Cajun Claws for crawdads.  Grizz rode with us to the restaurant where he then stays in the truck and becomes the alarm system.  After a pre-dinner drink, we were taken into the dining room to two tables already set-up. When ordering you specify if you want 3 1/2 or 5 pounds of crawdads.  Yup!!  By the pound.  There is a lot of work to eating these things, twisting their bodies and squeezing it as you pull the tail off.  Now you bite what "meat" you can and suck the rest out of the tail.    This is what I observed since I am not into eating shellfish, crawdads,oysters, shrimp etc.  The menu did offer other things; cheeseburger or hamburger ( which I chose).  They, also, offered chicken nuggets but since that was on the kiddie menu, I decided NOT to do that.  After much pulling, twisting and sucking most people finished their heaping platter of crawdads that had been placed in front of them.  A waitress brings out a container of hot, wet
towels for people to clean their hands a little before they take off their bibs.
After leaving the restaurant we stopped at Robie's Grocery Store.  A young gentleman was outside cleaning the parking lot.  He came over and started talking about the truck. When we told him where we are staying.  He said he was Betty's nephew.  I swear EVERYBODY knows or is related to Betty!!! And Friday night was another band and party at Betty's RV park..... WHAT A PLACE !!!!

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