Tuesday, February 9, 2010


By now most everyone has heard that New Orleans won the Super Bowl.  We attended our first ever Super Bowl Party, drinks, food, and enthusiastic people from all over the country  getting together to cheer for the Saints. Since we are not from the area, we were not into understanding the "mind-set" of their fans. Within the first quarter, we were cheering and getting excited as the game progressed. It is hard not to get caught up in the excitement. We had two different football pools going.  Bob and I were fortunate to win two quarters. WOW!!
All this fun and money, too!!  Most people in Louisiana are true followers/fans. One of the people at the party told about her aunt, who is in her mid- eighties, getting so upset by the Saints in previous games that she would turn off the tv ( putting the Saints in a "time-out" situation, like one does a child).  Then after a few minutes she would turn it back on to see if they could now do better. Her thoughts on Manning are, "they ought to stretch him out".  Now this is all done behind closed doors and she would be embarrassed if her friends saw this reaction because she is such a genteel lady.  But, alas!!!  When you are a Saints fan your loyalty runs high.  Who Dat! Tonight we are off to the Cajun Claw restaurant for crawdads... about 12 others want to go, so Betty arranges a dinner party... she really is a social  director and enjoys doing things with the campers. The weather is turning cold here and maybe NewOrleans parades are off..... we will see. We are not into standing with 1 million people in freezing weather.

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