Sunday, February 7, 2010

Suire's Restaurant

 Our first day at Betty's one of the other rv-ers said he had seen our truck some where.  It was at Suire's where he remembered seeing it!   We went back to Suire's (pronounced swears) Restaurant/ Grocery store.  A couple pictures of the 2 sisters ( that own the store) standing on/by the little green truck are posted on their wall.  Bob and I got the special lunch, a type of beef stew over rice. Bob loved it, my taste buds are still recovering.  We got some of their homemade dessert to take home to ease the burning ;)  Today is one of the dryer days as it has finally stopped raining for awhile. Hopefully it will dry up now.  Our days have been spent settling in, reading about ALL the upcoming festivities, trying to decide which to do and partaking of "happy hour".  All the weekends in Feb. are planned out already. This Sat. was a grand opening at Hub City Ford that we went to. Geno Delafosse(Zydeco) and Sammy Kershaw(country variety) were the headliners and 5 contestants from a radio show were there.  Very great music from all, along with free hotdogs, hamburgers and drinks (pop). Not an ordinary grand opening for us from the north.  Next Sat........Three New Orleans Mardi Gras parades with 4 other couples from the park. The following Sat. north to Eunice/Mamau area for radio show, theater, jam  sessions .... all with cajun music and dancing. The last.. more jam sessions and local concerts and many other local traditional happenings and a concert at the rv  park on Friday  that Betty has arraigned.

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