Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dining Fun

During the week at Betty's, Bob and I went antique hunting one day into Abbeville and Maurice. While in Abbeville we checked out the Depot, along with a couple of cabooses they had restored. Then we met the group at the Cajun Claws for dinner, about 17 of us filled one corner of the restaurant. I'm surprised they had room for all the crawfish, each order was 3 1/2lbs.or 5 lbs.. They came out in big trays. As soon as the trays hit the table, everybody got busy digging in. Some more experienced diners brought their own gloves and bibs.
Bob and I went to Suires Grocery Store and Restaurant one day for lunch. While inside reading all the postings on the walls, one of the owners came in and asked if we were the owners of the green truck. Apparently there were some guys out there taking pictures of it and wanted more information about it. They had the waitress pose by it. So Bob and I went out to give them "the little green truck story". Other people from the park went out to Suires the next day and sure enough they had two 8x10s of the truck on their wall already.
Suires has been written up in a couple magazines. Another great little "hole in the wall" restaurant with great atmosphere and great home cooking. They had 2 helicopters land there one day for lunch. Apparently the pilots had been there before and decided to stop in for lunch. Definitely surprised the owners.

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