Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunday March 21, 2009
We were invited to Dave and Priscilla's for sausage poorboys Sunday afternoon. There were six of us there, the grilled sausages were fantastic! Then we decided everyone should try our new "find", creme tequila. Tastes like chocolate creme with a tequila kicker. TOOOO good. Then the other couple brought over their favorite tequila. We got our "home brew" for them to sample, also. We had gotten the "home brew" from Ronny, the guy who oversaw the hyperbaric chambers. Since I was there for my blocked sinuses, he thought a sip of this would help loosen my sinuses. Loosened something, not sure if it was the sinuses! Then at my final treatment he gave me the rest of the bottle to take home. What a guy! He really goes that extra step to help the clients get better.Since we were just having samples, we decided it was now time to get whatever we were having for Happy Hour, (
a 4:30 everyday tradition at Betty's) and head over to the gazebo and visit with the rest of the RVers.As you can see from the picture, Betty has a great place to go for Happy Hour. Always lively talk about where people have gone and what they have seen. Gives us ideas of what adventures are waiting to be found. I'm sure our 10 days here is not going to be enough time to do all we want to do, especially since we are down to the last 3 days as I write this.We have had rain during the night mostly for the last 2 days, a little during the day. The first night of the storm it sounded like the lightning was landing right next to the camper. Poor Grizz has never been fond of storms. Usually he does NOT want to be by us. Well, this night he would not let us out of his sight. He would crowd up by the side of the bed. Then he would get stuck turning around to check out the other side. This dog has yet to learn, "back-up". I felt so sorry for him being so scared that I had Bob put Grizz up on the bed. Well, Grizz was still scared, but now he was shaking the bed so much that neither Bob or I could even read. I came into the living area and found water running in above the door. The wind was blowing the rain right into the trailer so we had to improvise a way to hook the outside doors to block most of the water and wind. By the time we got back to bed, about 3 am Grizz had decided to settle down and sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed, where he always does. What a wussy dog!!
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