Sunday, March 29, 2009

Small Town Fun

Went in to Abbeville to the Art and Craft show in the park Saturday for a little while. There was a booth with homemade sweetdough pies. I tried to find out what they were since I had never seen them before. Well, I was given one to try. Well, I bought another one. They are softer than a sugar cookie and filled with different fillings, fig, blackberry, lemon, coconut, etc. Then on to Erath to the jam session there. We were a little early but were greeted by the locals as we walked in the door. One guy wanted to know about the truck and bought Bob and I each a drink. We could become real slushes if we stayed around here long. Like I said, people are really friendly here!
Sunday was the car show at Abbeville, right next to the Art and Craft show. We put the truck in the show and were given 2 free tickets for gumbo, 2 tickets @ $5 for a food vendor and free drink coupons, water or soda. Yup, you guessed it, I headed back for some more sweetdough pies. I found out the lady who did all the baking is 93 years old. She has not passed on the recipes and still keeps it a secret how she makes them. Hope she tells somebody so it isn't another lost talent.

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