Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a small world

At the beginning of this month we were in Carl's Corner, Texas where Willie Nelson's bio-diesel truck stop/cafe/ concert stage/ and radio broadcasting studio are all located. Took us awhile to find it. There were not any billboards advertising where to turn off I-35W to Carl's Corner. Apparently we were suppose to be on I-35E or at the junction. After driving several miles too far, and the GPS refusing to be of any assistance, we stopped and asked for directions. On our trip back, we found the correct corner and were pleased to see the sign for WILLIE'S PLACE. The menu is quite basic, not a fancy place but a lot of memorabilia of Willie's career. We found out we were a few days too early for the release of his new CD, NAKED WILLIE.
As we were leaving Willie's Place, a man was standing on the deck watching us go to our truck. He came over to talk to us which happens often. Usually they ASK about the truck or tell us they had driven one like it years ago. Remarks like that. But this guy (Gerald) surprised us with his remark of, "I used to own this truck". Then he proceeded to tell us who he had sold it to. Yup! Jake was the person in Tennessee we had bought it from in 2002. This guy, Gerald, had asked in the cafe if they knew who owned that truck. Nobody knew. So Gerald just waited outside until we showed up. After the initial surprise of meeting each other in Texas, Gerald being from Tennessee and us from Michigan, we declared it was definitely a small world! Gerald took it one step further and told us to check his house number on his driver's license, 6645 which are the same numbers on our license plate on the little green truck.

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  1. An amazing story! One of those you can hardly believe. How did he recognize it as his truck?