Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Spring Break with Jessica

Since our granddaughter, Jessica's friends all had spring break at a earlier time than she did, it was decided that Jessica would come to Rockport, TX to visit us for her spring break.  She was hoping for great weather, which with temperatures in the low-mid 70s, and no rain came close to fulfilling that desire. Tuesday, March 23 we picked her up at Corpus Christi around 4:30pm.  We went from there to Mustang Island and did a quick drive along the beach.  A couple dolphins were spotted a ways off shore.  We then got in line to take the ferry from Port Aransas across the Intercoastal Waterway to Aransas Pass, where the dolphins usually play in the wake of the ferry.  I think the dolphins were on break, also, since they were not visible on the ferrytrip.  Darn!   While going through Aransas Pass, we decided to stop at a jam session at the old theater there.  There were only 3 people performing  so we left  early.  we planned on starting the day with a trip to the Rockport cemetery, where the wild flowers were in bloom  From there we took Jessica to a cafe we had heard about from several people, Turtle Bay Cafe.  My kind of cafe, breakfast served until 2pm!!  We found the cafe quite easily as we were told to look for the brightly painted, in various colors, cafe on the right hand side after going over the bridge.  !  Couldn't miss it!  While waiting for our food, somebody from there told us about a swamp near there where a couple alligators have been seen.  When our food was served, on paper plates, we were pleased to find that the food was as good as we had been told.  Leaving there  very full, we headed to the swamp to see the 'gators in the wild.  Sure enough one was right where they said it hung out.  It even swam towards our car for a photo shoot.  Could see why the man at the cafe told us DO NOT  GET OUT OF THE CAR!  We, also, included a side trip to Goose Island to see the "big tree".  Of course, the Fulton Mansion was a "must do".

Thursday, around  1pm we dropped Grizz off at the boarders and headed to San Antonio.  We found a motel within walking distance to the Riverwalk and the Alamo. We rode the boat thru the Riverwalk at night with all the lights lit up.  Friday we went to the Tower of America, saw the 4D movie and rode the elevator to the top.  We stopped at "Dick's" for lunch.  Their main objective is to be "dicks".  They throw your placemats  at you, insult you, took Jessica's sunglasses off her head etc.  Literally being dicks.  Drinks come in "manly" or "girly" size.  After that we went to Market Square.  Saturday Bob went to the car show on the beach at Rockport.  He got a plaque for 2nd place in the truck division.  After retrieving Grizz, Jessica and I checked out the downtown shops and a flea market.  Sunday was spent back on the beach, and Monday by the pool at the rv park.  All too soon the week was over.  It was time to get Jessica to the airport and head her towards Michigan.

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