Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Mexico

We left Borne TX and the Escapees Class BoF Rally with kind of mixed feelings. This was a great rally and we met a lot of neat new friends. Much fun but, the urge to see new places was felt by all.A few were staying a while but we pulled out on a nice sunny morning after a week of clouds and lots of rain.We headed north and drove through many miles of beautiful wildflowers. All along the route to San Angelo (our first planned overnight stop) we saw people stopped along side the road taking pictures. At a couple of our stops we talked to local people and the all said that it has bee a few years since the flowers have been so profuse. The last few years have been so dry that not many flowers showed.  a great spring to be in south central Texas.We left San Angelo and felt lazy so we only traveled about 125 miles to Midland. We stopped for the night. Midland is the center of most of the TX oilfields....the area produces one fifth of the nation's total petroleum and natural gas output and has the third-largest oil field in the United States. . It is also hometown of former First Lady Laura Bush and the childhood home of former President George W. Bush. It is also home to The  Commemorative Air Force (CAF). Associated with the CAF is the American Airpower Heritage Museum. Leaving this morning we traveled across the plains of south Texas.  It still amazes me when I think of people traveling across this country on foot and horseback.The vast distances and unyielding landscape are still mind boggling today, let alone on horseback at a time when there were no roads. arrived early..... (Mountain Time change) to the warm weather we have been looking for..... It was 86 degrees today. The Caverns tomorrow.

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  1. Enjoy. The caverns creep me out. JoAnn loved it. When the ranger tells you, "You're almost there"(the exit), she lies.

    (There is much beauty to behold. It's my claustrophobia, or something.)