Saturday, April 17, 2010

Escapee Classes of Full-Timers Rally

We have spent the better part of this week at the BOF ( birds of feather) of the Escapee Class Rally at Boerne, TX. Your "Class" is the year you became a fulltime RV'er. The 2005 class had the idea and the 2007 group developed it into a yearly rally. A total of 25 rigs arrived for this rally.  Since there were mostly 2007 attendees, they adopted  the other years as well.  It led me to believe that the Class of 2007 are the ones that know how to party!!!  The group knew where the fun bars and good food could be found.  In a little town near here called Bandera,  the 11th Street Cowboy Bar, cowboybar on Wednesday night  you take your meat, they stoke up the grills and everyone throws their meat on the communal grill at the bar.  You can get a side salad, roll, baked potato or green bean casserole to go with your meat for $5.  Since we have been doing nothing but eating, we choose just to get the $5 fixin's.....and dessert!  There was coffee and rolls to start the day for the people that did not chose to sleep in.  There was a pot-luck one night.  Favorite dessert contest on another night.  Tacos in-a-bag another night.I don't think anybody went around here hungry. There were a few seminars during the day, blogging, geocaching, volunteering and Alaska travel. This link skit is to a you tube video of the entertainment one night by  the RVG Troupe,some rally crazy people. All in all, a fun time and a bunch of neat new friends that we will look for as we travel or at next years rally. We are heading west to Carlsbad, NM and then Yuma, AZ and then north to Reno, NV.

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