Sunday, June 13, 2010

ATHS==Reno to Pleasanton

We left Reno on May 24 in a caravan of about 40 old trucks from the ATHS chapter show. Along with the Little Green Truck from MI there were trucks from IA, OH and South AZ that I remember. The route we took was north out of Reno to US-70 in CA. This highway takes you through the Feather River Canyon to Sacremento and was a beautiful drive. The club had a photographer driving along who took pictures and a video of the caravan that we could buy at Pleasanton. We stopped in Oroville where some very nice people provided all of us with a very nice barbecue lunch with more food than we could eat. Thank you to our hosts to whom we were never introduced. We left and headed for Sacremento where we found a campsite at Cal-Expo rv Park and because it was raining we stayed put for two days. Some of the others that were staying at motels went to the Hayes Truck museum and the CA. Railroad Museum..... maybe next time for us.We arrived at the Alameda fairgrounds on Wed. with the sun shining and a pleasant afternoon.We were parked on the asphalt parking lot but as we walked around we found a nice grassy area where some trucks were parked and talked the people in charge into letting us move.   Thank you guys as it made things so much nicer for Grizzly. There were about 700 trucks of all kinds at the show.  Everything was well organized and well run and we had a great time.  . We stayed in the trailer at the fairgrounds for the four days and enjoyed meeting many new friends. I took some pictures that I uploaded to our Picassa Web Albums but, as we will get a picture book of all the trucks in the show, I did not take all that many. They said that they were going to have the pictures on the website   photos 1  photos2 .


  1. Lovely picture gallery of trucks.Oh wow they are too good.I love the truck Museum !!! How I would love to own most of them.

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