Friday, June 11, 2010

"Challenge" sent via VANILLA

And now I am privileged to pass this award to" these were the words in David's vanilla blog
 The Little Green Truck considered it more of a challenge than an award since the idea was to list 10 things that we love.
1. God
2. each other
3. family, friends and traveling companion, Grizzly
4. traveling with the Little Green Truck
5. meeting new and interesting people
6. seeing wildlife
7. seeing God's beautiful outdoors.
8. reading a good book
9. fixing a gourmet meal together
10. chocolate
Since it was answers for both of us, chocolate ended up #10, had it just been for me it might have moved up to #4.  It's hard to say, most of that depends on how long I have been without chocolate.  But we both agree that we enjoy meeting the people through our travels.  They are giving us some great memories to hold on to for the time that we are no longer able to travel.  Thank you all for entering our lives, especially the ones with which we have managed to keep in touch. Hopefully when you read this you will take the challenge and think of ten things you love and if there are any people on the list..... tell them... and pass it on.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing. You love "all the right things" --except where is coffee?

    Fixing a gourmet meal together? Last time I got in her way, BBBH told me "this is a one-butt kitchen." ;)