Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pahrump to Reno

As we prepared to leave Pahrump for Reno for the ATHS chapter truck show, we started looking around at our route north. Since Pahrump is only about 40 miles from Death Valley and it was on our way north, I thought we would go  that way and see what it was like. NOT....  As we talked to locals and looked at weather reports, we found that the daytime temps. were already over 105 degrees.  People said it really does  get that hot and it was only the middle of May. They, also, said that as it is 200 ft below sea level, we would find 7 and 8 % grades to get out on the other side. Since the little green truck doesn't really like these climbs with these temps, we decided to take the easier route up US 95 to Reno.  As this route is mostly desert we were quite surprised when we got to the place we picked to stop for the night. As we entered town we saw a lot of bunker looking structures and in town there was a Munitions Museum ????  All kind of Questions.  On the other end of town was a very large lake that we didn't see  until the next morning. We didn't go to the museum but learned that the town has been an ammunition depot for many years.  It started as a Navy Depot in 1930 and was transferred to the Army in 1977. Last night we were listening to one of our hero's Gov. Jan Brewer defend herself and her state and she said that her father had worked at the  Hawthorne munitions depot during WW II. How interesting when a place you have been to is personally referenced by someone. As we left in the morning the road followed along the shore of Walker Lake,  12 mi. long by 5 mi. wide lake in the desert. It was a beautiful drive along the lake.  As we left the area we entered another world on the edge of the desert.The area becomes a farming area as you come into Fallon & Fernley & Reno. We stayed at a campground outside of Reno for a couple of days and then went to the parking lot of T.E.C. Trucks, a Volvo, Mack truck dealer that helped sponsor the truck show.  have a neat grille made to look like a new Volvo truck.  They furnished hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, cookies and drinks all three days of the show. They even managed to get the little green truck in for an oil change and to help me adjust the brakes and repair some air lines.  were all great guys and the truck show was great because of their help in-spite of the cold winds and snow and sleet we experienced .... this was May21-22-23 .... crazy weather.


  1. Isn't desert weather just crazy? Never know what you'll get.

    There is a little something for you over at my place.

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