Thursday, April 2, 2009


We had planned on leaving for Branson MO last Monday but changed our minds because this area has been so much fun and the weather north still looks cold. Yesterday we went on "Champagnes swamp tour" on Lake Martin. It is a lake formed out of the bayou and swamp when the gov't built levee's that stopped all the drainage out. It is still very swamp like with much moss in the cypress trees with the water in most places less than two ft deep. Our guide has lived here all his life and took us very,very close to lots of alligators and we also went into a friends duck blind. Saw a lot of nesting birds that we both have forgotton their names, but it was neat to see them nesting in large flocks and see some little ones in the nest. The area they nest is closed to boat traffic,but we could see the nests good enough to see the babies. We also went to a bakery where the have been baking french bread and ginger bread cakes since 1884 in the same building with the same receipes, mmmmmmm good. We are leaving Sunday, but there is still a lot of good Cajun and Zydeco music this weekend that we plan on going to hear. The people in the area are so friendly that it really makes it hard to leave even though there is still lots we want to see on our way north.

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  1. Great blog, any chance of seeing some more pictures of the whole outfit. I am curious how the trailer conversion worked out. Thanks