Monday, April 13, 2009


We are in Branson, MO waiting for warmer weather and dryer would be nice. I guess I shouldn't complain. So it's been wet and in the 40s, at least we did not get snow. After reading Nick's blog and seeing his picture of approximately 3" of snow over Easter weekend at Show Low Lake, AZ, I decided I would enjoy the weather we had. And pray that it did not get worse.
I have been coming to Branson for over 20 years to attend KEWPIESTA, a convention for Kewpie collectors and collectors of Rose O'Neill memorabilia. Rose O'Neill was the creator of the KEWPIE doll. She, also, was the highest paid illustrator until Walt Disney. She has written and illustrated many books, did advertisements for Jello, Rock Island railroads, floor varnish, folding camera, woman sufferage and the list goes on and on. If interested check out the Rose O'Neill Historical Society or email for more information or come to the Ramada Inn in Branson April 22-25. Hopefully the sun will be shining by then.
For those people north of us, we will try to post some pictures of flowers and dogwood trees in bloom. We really hope spring gets to the north soon. We are headed back to Michigan slowly....... Hopefully following the warmer weather there.

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  1. The flowers look great. It's a funny spring. Arizona, even here in Nevada, getting snow while there are floods in Florida. I guess it's all fun! Take care.