Monday, April 6, 2009

Leaving Louisiana

It's Monday and we are still in LA., but a little closer to another state. On Friday we took the Grizz to a groomer to get a shampoo and nail clip. We need this to help us keep on his shedding hair (never ending). Saturday we went back to the Zydeco breakfast, then hit some antique shops. In the afternoon we went to Calvin Touchets "2check" bar for the French Cajun Jam--songs in cajun French-- done to preserve the cajun culture. Had a great time,again, the southern LA people are very welcoming and friendly. Sunday we sadly left and drove about 150 miles. We landed at the Paragon Casino Resort RV Park-- 185 sites,Passport America,$8.50 a night full hookups in Marksville, LA. Jan loves it. I am just relaxing so thought I would update the blog. If you want to know more about Betty's Rv park check out uppity-womans blog. She was at Betty's with us and started her blog about the same time we did but has more patience uploading pictures. Check out the other pages we like too!Tomorrow we are on the road for the Natchez Trace and the long way around to Branson MO. and Kewpiesta.

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