Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Story

HI, I'm the Little Green Truck and the tall guy said that I should tell people my story,so here goes.....I am a 1965 White 3000 cabover bought in June of 1965 by a guy named, Harold in Pennsylvania. He ordered me with a White Mustang 6 cylinder, 466 cubic inch, 185 horsepower flathead gasoline engine and an 8 speed RoadRanger transmission. My green paint is very close to the original color so I think I still look pretty good. We hauled stuff like empty cigar boxes and things in Pennsylvania until he sold me ( in about 1986) to another good guy named Gerald who lived in Tennessee. Mister Gerald and I hauled freight like pvc pipe and other light stuff around the southeast part of the USA until he got very sick. He sold me to another good guy named Jake (in about 1988)who also lived in Tennessee. Mister Jake was an old time trucker who had another old truck ( a 1950 Mack LJT)that he had driven since 1954. He really liked old trucks, so he wanted me to look good and when his wife Miss Ruth said he should freshen up my paint he thought that was a good idea. After the paint job I became her truck and we went to truck shows together and had a lot of fun. When Mister Jake got sick he thought he should find someone else to take care of me, so he put a for sale sign in my window when we went to shows and that is how the tall guy (Mister Bob) found me... from a picture at a truck show that was posted on the internet.
Mister Bob and Miss Jan put new tires on me and took me to Michigan where they lived. They took good care of me but, about a year later my engine blew a head gasket and Mister Bob couldn't find any new gaskets so he found a nice C8.3 liter Cummins diesel engine(215 horsepower) and a nice Allison 4 speed automatic transmission in a BlueBird school bus and fixed me up so that I could pull things again. Mister Bob joined The American Truck Historical Society and found a neat 1946 Trailmobile trailer, but thats another story that I will let him tell.

ps.. the color on the picture by the old schoolhouse in TN. is the closest to the right color. Every picture we take of the truck it shows a different color. Bob


  1. Hi! Thanks for the story about the history of the Little Green Truck. My husband and I saw it in a motel parking lot a couple of weeks ago when we were in Tennesse and we loved it. We had to take several pictures to bring back and show friends. Just found your blog and now we know the story behind the truck. Enjoy your travels. Barbara, Raleigh

  2. Hey guys! Do you have any information on the engine swap and truck build? I just picked up a 1954 3000 and a Cummins 8.3L to go in her and any tip or tricks would be greatly appreciated.