Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We left the casino RV park this morning and headed north east bound for Mississippi and found US highway 84 again. We had traveled on it a ways in TX and kept seeing signs-- El Camino East/West Corridor--I finally looked it up and found it was a route the spanish settlers used to travel from the Atlantic to Mexico. It runs from Georgia to Colorado now--1919 miles. Tomorrow we leave on another famous road-- The Natchez Trace-- a 444 mile route the riverboat men (and indians and wild animals) used to return north after traveling down the Mississippi river. In Natchez we went to Melrose, an antebellum mansion built in the 1830's now owned by the National Park Service, what history. Louisiana had the Acadians and Mississippi had slavery, we don't think of how people lived (and the mistreatment of others) until we stay in an area and learn about history that we have only read about. Seeing the area and talking to people really makes it come alive. How great it is that we have the freedom to travel and visit places like this.

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